Drivers Training & Development

Indian Drivers ( A Unit of ID Car Drivers Pvt Ltd) is a professional Driver management company involved in the study and research of Driver’s overall development since 2009.   Professional Driver Safety Training is specifically designed to address driving high standards and allows you to lay the foundations for supremely confident handling of your car in everyday driving and in special situations.

The ability to react perfectly under pressure is what makes an expert. The correct seating position, holding the steering wheel correctly, emergency braking and evasive maneuvers form the basis for handling your car with supreme confidence in everyday driving and special situations.

Professional driver training when done properly is outcome-based. Outcome-based means it teaches the proper safe behaviors by actually preventing accidents from happening in the first place.

The obvious reasons to use professional driver training is to prevent accidents, claims, injuries, and fatalities from occurring altogether. But as long as there are humans behind the wheel, we all know that accident-free roads are not realistic. The definition of safety is freedom from risk.

Your drivers will buy into your safety culture if you can demonstrate to your drivers that you are investing in their career with education and training.  In fact, drivers will put as much into safety as you put into it. Set your safety standards high and stick to your guns. It will be crucial to a creating a culture of safety and in turn, save lives.

The key contents of the Drivers Training:-

  • What’s safe driving.
  • Mindset while driving a vehicle.
  • Do’s and Don’t while driving
  • Yoga & Meditation role
  • Precautions under the preview of COVID -19.


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