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Driving Tips To Keep You Safe This Monsoon

During rainy season driving becomes quite tough for multiple reasons. A driver has to think about the road condition, as well as the car’s condition before starting the journey. Being a car owner or a driver you can check the below monsoon driving & Car Safety tips which we have observed from our decades of driver management experience.

Ensure properly function brakes: – Properly working brakes is important in all driving conditions. In the monsoon it becomes important as stopping distance of vehicle tend to increase in the wet. When driving during heavy rains or just after driving through large puddles, make sure you dry the brakes by lightly tapping them intermittently

Keep distance and speed: – as mention above, braking distances are increased on wet surfaces so it’s best to keep larger distance from the vehicle in front of you and keep your speed in check especially when raining. This not only gives you adequate room to brake but also a little more time to react which can be a life saver.

Turn the headline on: – Visibility becomes a serious challenge during rain. Turning your headlights on during rain helps improve the visibility. Many states and countries have laws which make it mandatory to turn lights on during a downpour

Always top-up fuel tank: – You have a greater chance of getting stuck in a traffic jam during the monsoon season. Be prepared for long waits in car, hence make sure your car tanked up before heading out. Also keep some water and snacks handy, spare phone charger and power banks, umbrella and maybe a towel is not a bad idea.

Check Car Tyres: – Tyres are prone to severe wear and tear in the monsoons as they work overtime in wet conditions to keep grip on road. Do a visual inspection to see if the tyre were markers are still visible. If there is not enough thread or it has completely worn out, then you need new tyres. Also always keep spare tyre with good condition and enough air pressure.

Keep it clean: – The simplest way to protect your car is to keep it clean. Wipe down or wash off all the gunk from your car’s body after driving in rain. If you plan to keep your car parked for long in the open, don’t use a car cover. The cover trends to stick car body and may harm body, once it dries in the sun

Maintain cabin hygiene: – it is very important to keep the car’s interior clean and dry. Wet and muddy shoes, wet clothes will lead to high levels of moisture and leaving a bad odour. Spread old newspaper on the floor to keep water and muck off the carpet and carry fresh towel to dry yourself.

Park it safely: – it is important that you park your car in a safe spot. Avoid parking below trees as in addition to all the random leaves, flowers & twigs. There is also possibility of a branch or the entire tree falling on the vehicle during the thunderstorms. A dry or covered parking would be ideal to park the vehicle.

Happy Monsoon Driving !!!!!!

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