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Why It Is Important To Wear Seat Belts Even When Your Vehicle Has Airbags?

When the airbag deploys, the seat belt helps protect the occupant by providing body support and preventing occupant ejection. The airbag creates a cushion between the occupant and the steering wheel, dashboard, windshield, or other surfaces. Airbags are designed to protect the head, neck, and chest.

Utilize seatbelts
Buckling up is one of the safest decisions both drivers and passengers can make.
-Things to Be Aware Of
The greatest way to defend yourself against injuries in a crash is to buckle up. You are less likely to be entirely ejected from a moving car if you are belted up.
The purpose of airbags is to supplement seat belts, not to replace them. You run the risk of being flung into a frontal airbag if you don’t buckle up. You could be hurt or perhaps killed by such force.
Make sure everyone in the front and back seats of the car wears their seatbelts. Wait until they do before moving the car.

Fit Matter
Make sure the seat belts on a new car are a good fit for you before you buy it.
Ask your dealer about seat belt adjusters, which can help you get the best fit.
If you require a roomier belt, get in touch with the maker of your car to order seat belt extenders.
Consult the manufacturer for information on how to refit your car with today’s safer lap/shoulder belts if you drive an older vehicle without seat belts or outdated lap belts.

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